Exploring Antifragility for Agility Professionals

Are you focused on thriving, beyond surviving, in a turbulent world? Are you, your team or organization, trying to achieve greater agility, resilience, and antifragility in times of extreme change, disruption, and crisis? Being able to adapt, recover, and evolve in a seemingly chaotic world is quintessential.

This exploratory event will enable you to clearly distinguish between agility, resilience, and antifragility; recognize where there is and is not more-or-less agility, resilience, and antifragility; and explore how to achieve great agility, resilience, and antifragility.

What questions do you want addressed by the end of the event?

What is agility all about? How do we recognize the presence or lack-of agility?

What is antifragility all about? How do we recognize the presence or lack-of antifragility? How is antifragility similar-to and different-from agility?

Ecosystem Thinking
What is ecosystem thinking all about? How is it similar-to and different-from other types of “thinking”?

Achieving greater Antifragility
How do we apply ecosystem thinking to achieve greater antifragility? How do we put all of this into practice?

Any other questions? What next?